Why Subscribe? (the pitch)

Our tagline, Finding the extra flavor, quality or pureness that makes your culinary result extraordinary in every way, says it all.

The Tiny Crop Report seeks out the crops and meats of artisanal farmers across America. Collection and arrangement of data into seven (7) regions or Editions of the Tiny Crop Report allows subscribers to find a wide variety of crops and establishes a direct contact with the farmer.

The Tiny Crop Report provides subscribers:

  • Farm direct shipments. Look for the truck symbol, this red truck indicates crops that farmers are capable of shipping themselves via UPS, FedEx or U.S. Postal Service direct to you!
  • The advantage of having more sources of:
    • Variety
    • Quality and freshness
    • Pricing
  • Open acreage access. Farmers can custom-grow to your crop or meat specifications.
  • Competitive advantage. Finding that unique fruit or vegetable that due to seed, soil or weather conditions just outshines others.
  • A true connection to artisanal farmers without the long lag and mystery from field to your kitchen.

To subscribe to any edition, click here. Thank you for your subscription!