There are NO fees for farmers. Farmers provide their crops’ availability dates, quantity, pricing, markets they regularly attend and shipping method if any. There is no cost to list. The Tiny Crop Report reserves the right to limit the number of participating farmers in any one crop. Farmers simply email their crop or herd data to Tiny Crop Report and the publisher will load the crop or herd data into the respective Editions.

Why should farmers list on the Tiny Crop Report?

  • The ability to reach thousands of buyers.
  • Chefs, craft bakers and small batch distillers are looking for that unique, flavorful vegetable, fruit, grain or meat; to set their menus apart.
  • Increase awareness of your special brand and unique quality on a regional or national level.
  • Call it the “Amazon effect.” Items in every category are now available to be purchased direct.
  • Ordering online has become a way of life.
  • UPS, FedEx Ground and U.S. Postal Service have all made shipping items a reliable alternative to in-person shopping or ordering through a distributor.

The Tiny Crop Report will allow buyers to know their farmers and farmers to know their buyers well.