Finding or sourcing anything is a time consuming task. Finding reliable and consistent quality suppliers is a more difficult task. The Tiny Crop Report has begun the tasks of finding great sources of crops; from organic fruits and vegetables to varieties of wheat berries for custom flour milling to order. If your business or passion requires great sources of crops and meats to begin your culinary creations, the Tiny Crop Report can help.

The Tiny Crop Reports are detailed lists of small quantity crops found on the farms of artisanal farmers and updated 20 times each year. There are Tiny Crop Report Editions for each region of the country. Meats are listed under the Tiny Herd Report following Crops.

We also provide the crops that farmers can ship direct to you. All Editions carry the listings of crops able to be picked fresh, packed and shipped anywhere via UPS, FedEx Ground & USPS, to arrive at your door in a matter of days.

Each Edition focuses on finding the extra flavor, quality or pureness that makes the culinary result extraordinary in every way.

By doing the search and organizing tasks, the Tiny Crop Reports reduces the time required to locate and reach farmers of “the good stuff” directly. No wholesalers, no distributors, no lengthy delivery or time spent in warehouses. This is farm direct! You can’t search for something if you’re unaware of its existence.

Click on any Edition below to see a sample version of all the available crops in your region as well as those available to be shipped direct farm to your door.

To receive these detailed reports, subscribe to the 12-month subscription-by-email Tiny Crop Reports. Subscription rates are $100.00/Year/Edition for twenty (20) reports. That’s $5.00 per report. Real food. Real farmers. Direct to you pricing. Real freshness. Real smart!

There are NO fees for farmers. Farmers provide their crops’ availability dates, quantity, pricing, markets they regularly attend and shipping method if any. There is no cost to list. The Tiny Crop Report reserves the right to limit the number of participating farmers in any one crop. Farmers simply email their crop or herd data to Tiny Crop Report and the publisher will load the crop or herd data into the respective Editions.